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The Obligatory Introductory Post

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Welcome to The Blue Devils Den. So far, you’ve probably realized that this is a site devoted to Central Connecticut State hoops. If you’re a Duke fan and came here by accident, feel free to stick around. None of our Blue Devils trip anyone.

The aim here is simple: to intelligently discuss the goings on of the CCSU men’s basketball program. We’ll be utilizing advanced metrics…get used to seeing kenpom (the site created by Ken Pomeroy) being cited with regularity…to examine the Blue Devil program, as well as the other teams in the Northeast Conference. If you prefer to not see stats, don’t give up on us yet. We’ll do our best to not be complete nerds, though that may be difficult at times.

So who is “we”? Well, it’s mostly just me. My name is Matt Mauro, an alum of CCSU and devoted fan of the Blue Devils. I spent time covering the team for The Recorder during my collegiate days, got owned in an intramural game by former NEC Tournament MOP Damian Battles, and skipped a mid-term to storm the court when CCSU beat Quinnipiac in the 2002 NEC title game (not something I regret).

Before we go any further, let’s get a few things straight.

  1. Playing basketball at the Division 1 level is HARD. Not only are these players immensely talented athletes, even the last man on the bench, but they work extremely hard in practice, in the weight room, and on their own.

  2. Each member of the coaching staff has more knowledge in their respective big toes than I do in my brain. While there will be times that I will question a decision or play call, I will generally try to understand why a decision was made (i.e. why is Player A getting more minutes than Player B?).

  3. Finally; while there will be times where I’m critical of an individual player, I will never offer criticism without evidence, and you will never see a mean or rude comment from me directed at anyone.

So where do we go from here? Things will be quiet over the summer; we’ll obviously cover any more transfer news, we’ll have regular recruiting updates, and we’ll have some fun thought experiments.

Please give us a follow on Twitter @BlueDevlsDen (note there is no ‘i’ in Devls), and if you have any questions or comments, OR are interested in contributing to the site, feel free to reach out via Twitter, or e-mail me . C-C-S-U

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