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NEC Off-Season Tracker

*Updated as of 9/17/20

Notable Outgoing Transfers

Incoming Transfers

Which Teams Return What?

*2019-20 Only

Total Division 1 Minutes (career), Per Team

Career Points Scored, D1 vs. total college (including JUCO and non-D1)

Top Returnees

Top 5 in O-Rating, "Go-To Guys" (>24% usage)

1. Chauncey Hawkins, St. Francis-Brooklyn (99.4/25.7%)

2. Alex Morales, Wagner (94.4/27.7%)

3. Michael Green III, Bryant (90.3/24.4%)

4. Greg Outlaw, Central Connecticut (87.0/24.0%)

5. Will Martinez, Wagner (82.8/24.8%)

Top 10 in O-Rating, "Significant Contributors" (<24%, >20% usage)

1. Damian Chong Qui, Mount St. Mary's (109.9/20.7%)

2. Jahlil Jenkins, Fairleigh Dickinson (107.6/23.0%)

3. Xzavier Malone-Key, Fairleigh Dickinson (107.5/21.8%)

4. Aaron Clarke, Sacred Heart (105.2/21.6%)

5. Jermaine Jackson, Jr., Long Island (105.0/21.2%)

6. Myles Thompson, Saint Francis (103.5/20.5%)

7. Ty Flowers, Long Island (103.0/21.3%)

8. Elyjah Williams, Fairleigh Dickinson (102.5/21.0%)

9. Tyler Stewart, Saint Francis (100.8/22.3%)

10. Elijah Ford, Wagner (100.5/22.2%)

Top 5 in O-Rating, "Role Players" (<20, >16% usage)

1. Hall Elisias, Bryant (111.1/16.3%)

2. Mark Flagg, Saint Francis (107.4/18.6%)

3. Ian Krishnan, Central Connecticut (104.1/19.8%)

4. Malik Jefferson, Mount St. Mary's (102.4/19.8%)

5. Nana Opoku, Mount St. Mary's (102.4/17.9%)

Top 10 in 3P% (minimum 80 attempts)

1. Ian Krishnan, Central Connecticut (37-83, 44.6%)

2. Devin Jensen, Merrimack (61-141,43.3%)

3. Brandon Powell, Fairleigh Dickinson (37-88, 42.0%)

4. Devon Dunn, Fairleigh Dickinson (36-87, 41.4%)

8. Jahlil Jenkins, Fairleigh Dickinson (52-130, 40.0%)

6. Damian Chong Qui, Mount St. Mary's (37-100, 37.0%)

7. Jermaine Jackson, Jr., Long Island (64-177, 36.2%)

8. Xzavier Malone-Key, Fairleigh Dickinson (30-84, 35.7%)

9. Jamir Reed, Central Connecticut (42-120, 35.0%)

10. Virshon Cotton, Long Island (43-126, 34.1%)

Top 10 in 2P%

1. Hall Elisias, Bryant (69-111, 62.2%)

2. Elyjah Williams, Fairleigh Dickinson (128-220, 58.2%)

3. Nana Opoku, Mount St. Mary's (93-165, 56.4%)

4. Xzavier Malone-Key, Fairleigh Dickinson (86-156, 55.1%)

5. Malik Jefferson, Mount St. Mary's (135-249, 54.2%)

6. Ty Flowers, Long Island (103-197, 52.3%)

7. Mark Flagg, Saint Francis (83-159, 52.2%)

8. Unique McLean, St. Francis-Brooklyn (112-219, 51.1%)

9. Myles Thompson, Saint Francis (99-198, 50.0%)

10. Charles Pride, Bryant (66-132, 50.0%)

Top 10 Offensive Rebounders

1. Mark Flagg, Saint Francis (13.6%)

2. Malik Jefferson, Mount St. Mary's (10.2%)

3. Charles Pride, Bryant (9.7%)

4. Elijah Ford, Wagner (9.1%)

5. Unique McLean, St. Francis-Brooklyn (8.8%)

6. Nana Opoku, Mount St. Mary's (8.7%)

7. Hall Elisias, Bryant (8.3%)

8. Myles Thompson, Saint Francis (6.8%)

9. Elyjah Williams, Fairleigh Dickinson (6.6%)

10. Tyler Stewart, Saint Francis (6.5%)

Top 10 Defensive Rebounders

1. Ty Flowers, Long Island (24.1%)

2. Hall Elisias, Bryant (20.1%)

3. Elyjah Williams, Fairleigh Dickinson (19.2%)

4. Unique McLean, St. Francis-Brooklyn (18.9%)

5. Malik Jefferson, Mount St. Mary's (18.6%)

6. Alex Morales, Wagner (16.3%)

7. Elijah Ford, Wagner (15.7%)

8. Myles Thompson, Saint Francis (15.4%)

9. Jamir Reed, Central Connecticut (15.4%)

10. Tyler Stewart, Saint Francis (14.8%)

Top 10 in Assist %

1. Will Martinez, Wagner (31.9%)

2. Damian Chong Qui, Mount St. Mary's (25.9%)

3. Michael Green III, Bryant (25.6%)

4. Alex Morales, Wagner (22.3%)

5. Jahlil Jenkins, Fairleigh Dickinson (21.3%)

6. Jermaine Jackson, Jr., Long Island (21.3%)

7. Chauncey Hawkins, St. Francis-Brooklyn (20.2%)

8. Aaron Clarke, Sacred Heart (18.9%)

9. Elyjah Williams, Fairleigh Dickinson (15.1%)

10. Stevan Krtinic, St. Francis-Brooklyn (14.6%)

Top 5 in Block %

1. Hall Elisias, Bryant (13.2%)

2. Mark Flagg, Saint Francis (6.1%)

3. Nana Opoku, Mount St. Mary's (6.0%)

4. Xavier Wilson, Central Connecticut (5.5%)

5. Ty Flowers, Long Island (5.3%)

Top 5 in Steal % 1. Mikey Watkins, Merrimack (3.9%)

2. Will Martinez, Wagner (3.7%)

3. Chauncey Hawkins, St. Francis-Brooklyn (3.1%)

4. Brandon Powell, Fairleigh Dickinson (3.0%)

5. Greg Outlaw, Central Connecticut (2.8%)

Team-by-Team Breakdown

*all Minutes% are during NEC play only


Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Adam Grant (82.1%)

2. Juan Cardenas (60.3%)

3. Benson Lin (58.3%)

4. Ikenna Ndugba (57.1%)

5. Patrick Harding (45.6%)

6. Mikail Simmons (13.1%)

7. SaBastian Townes (5.3%)

8. Ayo Dada (2.1%)

9. Tanner Johnson (-)


1. Peter Kiss, a 6'5" 200 lb. wing who began his career at Quinnipiac, and spent the last three years at Rutgers. The NYC native, who prepped at Notre Dame Prep, averaged 13.3 points and 5.6 rebounds as a freshman, starting 20 games and earning unanimous MAAC All-Rookie accolades. When Tom Moore was fired, he transferred to Rutgers, and averaged 6ppg and 2.2rpg in 18 minutes per night as a redshirt sophomore before falling out of favor in 2019-20, appearing in just two games. Kiss has a career 46% eFG% (28.4% from three), and profiles as a big wing in the NEC.

2. Timmel "Melo" Eggleston, a 6'8" forward who has two years of eligibility remaining, began his career at Wake Forest (21 games, 5 mpg) and played last season at Arkansas St. where he averaged 8.5 ppg and 5.1 rpg in 20 mpg. A former Top-100 recruit, Eggleston chose Wake Forest over a variety of big-time schools such as Baylor, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, and USC. He’s originally from Baltimore and prepped at Notre Dame Prep. He profiles as a “4”, with athleticism to run the floor, though he’s struggled shooting it in his college career (just 5 of 32 from three). Bryant will seek a waiver for immediate eligibility, otherwise he'll have to sit out 2020-21.

3. Chris Childs, 6'2" Jr. PG from Bronx, NY. Played at Saint Joseph's (D3) then Indian Hills CC. 14.2 ppg, 3.0 rpg at IHCC, shot 45% from 3. Averaged 19 ppg as a freshman at SJC, making 49% from three.

4. Darius Guinn, 6'7" junior big wing from Portland, OR who played at Central Wyoming College. averaged 17.4 ppg and 5.0 rpg, shot nearly 38% from 3 and 50% from the field. Had previously committed to Montana, had offers from Southern and NJIT.

5. Luis Hurtado, a 6’6” wing who is coming in from Alabama-Birmingham where he overcame testicular cancer in 2019 and returned to the court in November. A former high-major recruit from Venezuela with some impressive offers dating back to 2013-2015 (USC, Maryland, South Florida, Georgia, Florida St.), Hurtado didn’t play much in two seasons in Conference USA, seeing just 89 minutes of action and attempting just 9 field goal attempts (he made 5). He profiles as a shooter who should help on the wing.

6. Luke Sutherland, a 6'7" shooter from Syracuse who played one season at Siena. Sutherland appeared in just 7 games (32 minutes) as a freshman. He had offers from Stony Brook and American coming out of high school.

7. Erickson Bans, 5'11" combo-guard from Pawtucket, RI. All-time leading scorer in RI High School history.

8. Joe Moon IV, 6'0" combo-guard from Westland, MI, prepped at Woodstock Academy. Held an offer from RMU.

9. Kai Kostmayer, a 6'8" freshman from Gould Academy in Maine. He's a versatile big who likes to step out and shoot it, and can also bang down low (220 lbs.). Held an offer from Southern Illinois.

Potential Depth Chart:

Central Connecticut

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Tyler Rowe (41.7%)

2. Jamir Coleman (34.7%)

3. Trey Tennyson (19.0%)

4. Thai Segwai (5.8%)

5. Donyell Marshall, Jr. (2.2%)

6. Javen Udofia (-)


1.Lamar Mitchell, a 6'3" Jr. PG from Arizona. Averaged 20 ppg at Phoenix College last season, chipping in 3.5 apg and 3.3 rpg. Shot 33.3% from three, 82% from the free throw line.

2. Nigel Scantlebury, 6'0" Jr. PG from Rochester, NY. Attended Niagara County CC, averaged 14p, 5a, 4r, shot 33.6% from three.

Potential Depth Chart:

Fairleigh Dickinson

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Kaleb Bishop (73.0%)

2. B.J. Saliba (12.1%)

3. Collin McManus (1.5%)


1. Pier-Olivier Racine, 6'8" 230 lb. big from Montreal who played at Vanier College High School. Held an offer from Southern Utah.

2. Joseph Munden, an athletic 6'4" wing from the Bronx who profiles as a high level athlete who can guard multiple positions. Had offers from Stony Brook and Howard dating back to 2018.

3. John "Mikey" Square, Jr., a 6'6" forward from Washington, DC. Known as a strong rebounder with a developing jumper, Square was Honarable Mention All-Metro at St. John's College High School last season. He also had an offer from Canisius.

Potential Depth Chart:

Long Island

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Raiquan Clark (89.7%)

2. Julian Batts (68.8%)

3. Jashaun Agosto (47.8%)

4. Ashtyn Bradley (12.9%)

5. Ganlandou Cisse (7.9%)


1. Alex Rivera, 6'1" RS Soph. 2-guard who transferred from UMass-Lowell and sat out 2019-20. Averaged 9.2p, 3.4r, and 1.6a as a freshman at UML, shot 33.3% (55-165) from three.

2. Tre Wood, 6'0" RS Soph PG who transferred from UMass and sat out 2019-20. Averaged 3.2p and 2.4a in 22 games as a freshman.

3. Noble Crawford, 6'5" wing from Winter Park, FL who prepped at Scotland Campus Sports in PA. A premier athlete with a developing offensive game. Held offers from St. Bonaventure and UNC Greensboro.

4. Anthony Kabala, a 6’8” 195 lb. big wing from France who played at Redemption Christian Academy. Kabala is comfortable with the ball in his hands and profiles as a big wing or “small ball 4” who can shoot from deep and get out in transition. Dealt with injuries during his high school career. Into March he was being recruited by Maryland, Minnesota, Murray St., and Iona, and also had offers from Georgia Southern and Central Connecticut.

5. Kyndall Davis, 6'6" 200 lb. big from Chicago. Had a variety of offers, including St. Bonaventure, Ball St., Drexel and Milwaukee. Potential stretchy-4 or big wing.

6. Jake Cook, a 6'8" 165 lb. big who prepped at Vermont Academy. Had offers from Siena, Albany, and Vermont.

Potential Depth Chart:


Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Juvaris Hayes (93.2%)

2. Jaleel Lord (81.8%)

3. Idris Joyner (64.6%)

4. Aaron Jaynes (-)


1. Malik Edmead, a 5'9" PG from Deer Park, NY who is an electric scorer/player maker. Also held an offer from Bryant.

2. James Berry III, a 6'4" wing from Alexandria, VA. A long, versatile wing with a devloping jumper. Had offers from Saint Francis and Mount St. Mary's, as well as Youngstown St., Towson, and Quinnipiac.

3. Ryan Isaacson, 6'8" big from Chicago.

Potential Depth Chart:

Mount St. Mary's

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Vado Morse (74.9%)

2. Brandon Leftwich (34.5%)

3. Omar Habwe (31.5%)

4. Ayan Teel (4.8%)

5. Dee Barnes (-)

6. James West IV (-)

7. Matt Becht (-)


1. Mezie Offurum, a 6'8" 220 lb. versatile forward who has two seasons left to play after transferring from George Washington and earning a waiver to play immediately. Offurum played in 45 games in two seasons for the Colonials, averaging nearly 9 mpg. He had a career 41.7% eFG% (4-19 from 3) and a 2.7% block rate.

2. Dakota Leffew, a 6'4" wing from Jonesboro, GA. Long, athletic scorer.

3. Quinton Mincey, a 6'6" wing from Greenbelt, MD. Athletic, profiles as a "big wing".

4. Josh Reaves, a 6'4" big-wing from Hamden, CT who prepped at South Kent.

5. Francisek Barton, a 6'7" 210 lb. forward from the Czech Republic who prepped at Get Better Academy.

6. DeAndre Thomas, a 6'4" wing who is a "sit 1, play 2" transfer from Samford. Thomas is a volume three-point shooter who made 44 of 124 from deep (35.5%) in two seasons, though struggled as a sophomore (27.8%). Coming out of high schol he had a number of offers including UMass, Old Dominion, East Tennessee St., William & Mary, Saint Francis, and Wagner.

Potential Depth Chart:

Sacred Heart

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. E.J. Anosike (85.1%)

2. Kinnon LaRose (77.4%)

3. Jare'l Spellman (71.3%)

4. Koreem Ozier (66.7%)

5. Cameron Parker (19.2%)

6. Chaylyn Martin (19.0%)

7. Myles Cephas (-)


1. Cantavio Dutreil, a 6'7", 205 lb. big who is originally from Haiti, and played last season at Harcum College (JUCO). Dutreil averaged 8.7 points and 8.8 rebounds per game last season, shooting 55% from the field. He started his college career at North Alabama, where he played in 31 games as a freshman (5 starts), averaging 2.7 points and 3.5 rebounds in nearly 10 minutes per game. Dutreil played high school ball at Trinity Catholic, and his only other D1 offer out of high school was from Saint Francis.

2. Quest Harris, a 5'11" point guard from Worcester Academy who averaged 12.5p/6r/5.5a/2s this past season and earned All-NEPSAC honors. Was recruited by Jared Grasso (at Iona and Bryant), and also had an offer from Cleveland St.

3. Nico Galette, a 6'6" rugged forward from New Jersey and Rutgers Prep. Chose the Pios over Wagner.

4. Bryce Johnson, a 6'7" big from California by way of Pomfret School.

5. Mike Sixsmith, a 6'3" shooter from Long Island.

6. Matas Spokas, a 6'7" shooter from Lithuania who prepped at United Prep in Florida.

7. Kasparas Jonauskas, a 6'6" native of Lithuania who played in the 2018 FIBA U16 Europe Championships. He profiles as a small-ball 4 who can stretch the floor.

Potential Depth Chart:

Saint Francis

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Keith Braxton (91.0%)

2. Isaiah Blackmon (85.1%)

3. Randall Gaskins Jr. (59.7%)

4. Deivydas Kuzavas (29.7%)

5. Scott Meredith (6.3%)


1. Marlon Hargis (VC), a 6'7" junior forward who transferred from Holy Cross in January. Originally from New Jersey (St. Augestine Prep), Hargis appeared in 36 games from Holy Cross, and he averaged 6 points and 2.5 rebounds in nearly 20 minutes per game as a sophomore before leaving school. He profiles as a big wing, though he did struggle from three, shooting 28% as a sophomore. He’s expected to be eligible for the 2nd semester of the 2020-21 season.

2. Ronell Giles (VC), a 6'3" combo-guard from Brandywine, MD who prepped at Virginia Beach Sports Academy. Had offers from Howard and Columbia, as well as interest from UC Riverside and Denver.

3. Maxwell Land (LOI), a 6'4" athletic wing from Cincinnati who had offers from Western Carolina and Air Force.

4. Zahree Harrison (LOI), a 6'1" point guard from Wyncote, PA. Harrison is a "do-everything" PG who missed this past season due to a torn ACL and meniscus. Also had an offer from Mississippi Valley St.

5. Jeriah Coleman (VC), a 7'0" 220 lb. big who prepped at Virginia Beach Sports Academy. Coleman is long and athletic, with good hands and some ability to run the floor. Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, the big man had recently received an offer from Coppin St., and previously had a few mid-major offers (Bowling Green, Mississippi Valley St., Hampton), as well as an offer back in September from St. Bonaventure.

Potential Depth Chart:

St. Francis-Brooklyn

Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Deniz Celen (64.6%)

2. Milija Cosic (35.2%)

3. Christian Rohlehr (20.4%)

4. Rosel Hurley (8.7%)

5. Josh Nurse (4.1%)


1. Travis Atson, a 6'5" senior "big wing" who played one season each at Tulsa and Quinnipiac. Averaged 5.3 points and 3.4 rebounds in 18.3 minutes at QU as a RS sophomore. In two years in D1, he's posted strong rebounding rates (15.4% DR%) and shown an ability to shoot it from deep (31-105, 29.5%).

2. Rheaquone Taylor, a 6'7" big originally from Queens who played two seasons at Hutchinson CC, where he averaged 10.8 ppg and 6.5 rpg on a 51.1% eFG% before sitting out last season. Previously a Cleveland St. commit, Taylor previously had offers from Bryant, Chattanooga, and Alcorn St., though no offers over the past year.

3. David Muenkat, a 6'7" athletic forward from Canada who JUCO'd at Trinidad State JC. Averaged close to 12 points and 8 boards, and also was 10-32 from three (31.3%) and 56% from the field. Had offers from Grambling and North Carolina A&T.

4. Vuk Stevanic, a stretchy 6’8” forward from Serbia who played the past two seasons at Highland Community College. Stevanic averaged 8.6 points and 4.4 rebounds per game, with a strong 64.9% eFG% (21 of 65 from three), and shot 72% from the free throw line. He chose the Terriers over Eastern Illinois, and should see time at either forward spot for Glenn Braica.

5. Elijah Hardison, a 6'7" freshman big from Brooklyn. He profiles as a shot blocker and rim-runner thanks to his athleticism and wingspan.

6. Luka Jaksic, a 6'8" sophomore (?) big who played in just 2 games at Presbyterian as a walk-on.

Potential Depth Chart:


Losses (% of Minutes in 2019-20):

1. Curtis Cobb (72.3%)

2. Tyrone Nesby (58.1%)

3. Patrick Szpir (55.0%)

4. Darion Jordan-Thomas (21.7%)


1. Justin Brown (LOI), a 6’10” 205 lb. grad transfer from Chattanooga who has two years of eligibility remaining. Originally from Chicago, Brown was a rotation player as a red-shirt freshman, appearing in 25 games and averaging 3.5p and 2.5r in nearly 11 minutes a night. However, as a sophomore he appeared in just 21 games (6.6 minutes per). Overall, he had a 50% eFG%, including 22 for 40 at the rim. In two years in the SoCon he put up strong block (5.5%) and offensive rebounding (10.8%) rates. Coming out of high school, Brown had offers from UMass-Lowell, Chicago St., and Kennesaw St.

2. DeLonnie Hunt (VC), a 6'0" PG from Rock Creek Christian Academy in DC. Hunt is a dynamic playmaker who had offers from a number of schools including Bryant, Robert Morris, UMBC, South Alabama, Hampton and Longwood.

3. Elijah Allen (LOI), a 6'2" combo-guard from Delaware. Allen, who had offers from Southern Utah, Alabama A&M, Delaware St., and Howard, was last season's Delaware State Player of the Year, and Delaware's all-time leading scorer with over 1,500 career points.

4. Ashton Miller (LOI), a 6'5" wing who played this past season at Duquesne. He will sit out 2020-21 and will have three years of eligibility remaining. Miller appeared in 23 games for the Dukes (1 start), averaging a little over 9 minutes per game, though he did miss time with a back injury. He profiles as a big wing, though he struggled from three (just 3 for 28), and coming out of high school he had offers from NJIT, Robert Morris, and Fairleigh Dickinson.

Potential Depth Chart:

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