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NEC's Best Bets: 11/9/21

With sports gambling now legal, at least in Connecticut, why not start looking at betting lines?

But first; I am not a gambler. In fact, the first time I ever bet on a sporting event was a few weeks ago when I put the entire $1.50 that was in my Fanduel account on the Boston Red Sox to win Game 6 of the ALCS. They didn't, though I didn't mind since I'm a die-hard Yankees fan.

Anyway; this is not gambling or financial advice, and I'm not suggesting anyone copy me. Don't come after me to recoup your losses because you picked St. Francis-Brooklyn to cover the 25-point spread at Wisconsin. Ain't my problem, these are my picks. Nothing more.

Season Record: 0-0.

Today's bet: Mount St. Mary's (+24.5) at Villanova

Villanova is really good (pre-season #9 at Kenpom), and they should have little issue with the Mount on Opening Night. With that said; 'Nova lost Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to The League, and PG Colin Gillespie is returning from a torn ACL last March. While Gillespie is supposedly healthy to start the year, could you see Jay Wright limiting his minutes early on in the non-conference? I could.

Villanova -24.5 essentially matches Kenpom (-24), but Pomeroy's system is very bearish on Mount St. Mary's; the projection system has Mount 7th in the NEC, while I had them 3rd. Torvik, for what it's worth, has Villanova -17.

I don't think the game is close, but I think the Mount keeps the margin of victory respectably in the teens, as opposed to the 20s.

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