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The End Is Here

As a teenager I dreamed of being a Sportswriter, and while baseball will always be my first love, watching and talking about college hoops was always a passion of mine. So in March of 2018, right after my CCSU Blue Devils' season ended, I started The Blue Devils Den, a blog devoted to Central Connecticut hoops. At that point I had a 7 1/2 year old son who was only playing introductory sports and going to bed at 8pm, plus a job that provided me a ton of freedom.

Then, in 2020, I decided to go all-in on writing about the Northeast Conference, as opposed to just CCSU, ultimately creating "The Mid-Range Jumper". At that point I was working 100% from an office in my basement, and I had plenty of flexibility to write whenever I wanted.

Operating the Mid-Range Jumper was a fantastic hobby; watching games, then using analytics to try and tell a story within the story, and learning more and more every day. What was wild was that people actually READ what I wrote. But what was even better was, via our great little community that we have here in our corner of the internet, I got to interact with fans of many schools, as well as coaches throughout this league. Perhaps the most humbling was knowing that there were basketball coaches who were reading my posts, and I’d like to think that I got it right more often that I got it wrong, and that I was fair to the players/coaches who were giving their all for this great game.

So, today’s a bit sad for me as I’m announcing that the Mid-Range Jumper will be no longer. Life catches up to you and priorities reign. A month ago I accepted a new position at my company which entails, among other things, a return to an office and not-so-short commute. The flexibility to write during the day if/when I felt motivated will no longer be there.

Of course, that’s not the only reason. Anyone who knows me knows that I have two true passions in my life; my boy, who is now almost 11 years old, and coaching a youth travel baseball team that he is a part of. That started in 2020, and every season the coaching has only gotten more time-consuming and intense, as has being a parent. Trying to navigate writing the blog with these priorities was a challenge while working from home this past season, doing that while being in an office will be next to impossible. I've got 6.5 years until my guy graduates high school and I don't intend on ever saying "no" to a garage batting practice session, a driveway 1v1, or any other opportunity to spend quality time with my family.

My wife, who has been nothing but supportive of anything I've ever wanted to do, encouraged me to consider different ways to keep this thing alive, including possibly doing mini-posts a few times per week as opposed to the novels I had gotten used to writing. But I’ve always been “all or nothing” with everything I do, and the last thing I want to do is “half ass” something.

While I do plan to be (more?) active on Twitter, and will surely be watching just as many NEC games as ever and providing insights from time-to-time, this will be the end of The Mid-Range Jumper as we've come to know it.

I want to thank those of you who read my stuff, and if you followed my "Best Bets" this past season, then well, my bad!


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